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Onjenu Gabriella Fleur Dress

Onjenu is such a popular brand at Aria Boutique we can’t often keep it in stock! It’s a brand we love for many reasons one of those being it focuses on femininity and colour, elegant dressing that is properly wearable and comfortable.

Onjenu Femme Pink Amy Dress Onjenu Femme Pink Amy Dress Onjenu Femme Pink Amy Dress

Full of colour Onjenu will brighten up your wardrobe even in A/W season, with fun prints and colour that will breath some life into a sometimes very dark wardrobe. Onjenu is nearly all made with the same stretch jersey fabric, thats comfortable and breathable plus really soft to the touch. Another benefit to Onjenu pieces is how easy they are to wash just a regular machine wash and non iron they don’t wrinkle at all, plus all have pockets!

Onjenu Yana Ville Chrome Maxi   Onjenu Gupard Green Pitot Maxi   Onjenu Sharon Ville Chrome Jumpsuit

The very talented Designer of Onjneu is an Irish woman Mena Ryan from Limerick, although lives in London now. For any who remember her and her sisters had a beautiful boutique called Chica in Dublin. Mena creates for the everyday woman and pieces that transform from day to night, with a quick change of shoes and accessories. Also perfect for busy mums as Mena had this in mind also when creating Onjenu, now a busy mum to three herself.

Onjenu Laurie Jumpsuit Amele Print Onjenu Rosie Amele Dress Onjenu Laurie Jumpsuit Amele Print

We already know that Onjenu is very popular with the Aria customer and if not not yet familiar your missing out! Call in store or order online, sizing is regular and some if we have noticed are smaller on bust etc have this in their product description, and as always give us a call if we can do anything,

The Aria girls xx